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Direct Management and Operation of Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care Facilities

Management Services - Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care Facility Management 

Reaching high performance status, achieving high CMS star ratings and gaining industry recognition will increase public confidence in service reliability, and achieves economic efficiencies through productive use of network resources.

iCare’s corporate and facility leadership teams understand how to bring multiple skilled nursing, long term care and clinical components together into a cohesive structure. We specialize in the following services and clinical capabilities:

  • Medical, including complex medical coupled with substance use or behavioral component; 
  • Short-term rehabilitation;
  • Outpatient rehabilitation;
  • Long-term care;
  • Behavioral health program and unit management;
  • Substance use management and treatment through the iRecovery Program;
  • Home Care; 
  • Memory care & support services through the Greater Hartford Memory Care Center;
  • Care transitions through partnerships with post-acute care and preferred provider networks;

If you are interested in learning more about the services iCare Management provides please call (860) 250-3075 or email