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Leadership Team

iCare Management’s seasoned leadership team has decades of experience in clinical, operational, financial, organizational and human resources fields.

The iCare team prides itself on:

  • Taking the long view
  • Being nimble and responsive to changing healthcare markets; 
  • Being plugged in and networked within the industry; 
  • Seeking challenging niche markets and opportunities; and
  • Always putting patient care and the needs of the individual resident at the center of all that we do. 

Leadership Team

  • Chris S. Wright

    President, Chief Executive Officer

  • Michael Plausse

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Mike Landi

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Jonathan Starble

    Chief Legal Officer

  • Donna Farr

    President, Touchpoints Therapy

  • Denise MacKinnon

    Vice President, Financial Services

  • Robert Burke

    Vice President, Psychosocial Services (and Regulatory Compliance, Interim)

  • Dereck Singh

    Vice President, Business Planning

  • David Skoczulek

    Vice President, Business Development

  • Kate Sloan

    Director, Strategic and Clinical Partnerships

  • Lilla Carter

    Director, Case Management

  • Christina Gorgone

    Director, Accounts Receivable

  • J. Martin Acevedo

    Corporate Counsel

  • Sarah Landi

    Director, Education

  • Laura Jones

    Regional Clinical Director

  • Deb Cate

    Director of Payroll

  • Billy Boyce

    Director, Care Transitions