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Since 2001 iCare Management, LLC has been providing management and consulting services to skilled nursing facilities and other health care providers. The company provides a range of services including:

  • medical, including complex medical coupled with substance use or behavioral component; 
  • short-term rehabilitation;
  • outpatient rehabilitation;
  • long-term care;
  • behavioral health management;
  • substance use management and treatment;
  • homecare; 
  • memory & support services through the Greater Hartford Memory Care Center;
  • care transitions through partnerships with post-acute care and preferred provider networks;
  • receivership management and consulting engagements; 
  • population and continuum management through accountable care organizations and care bundles, and more. 

The company promotes Continuous Quality Improvement in all of its facilities through management programs which emphasize an increase of quality care; customer satisfaction; employee empowerment; and teamwork.

iCare Management’s seasoned leadership team has decades of experience in clinical, operational, financial, organizational and human resources fields. The team prides itself on taking the long view while being nimble and responsive to changing healthcare markets; being plugged in and networked within the industry; seeking challenging niche markets and opportunities; and always putting patient care and the needs of the individual resident at the center of all that we do. 

  • Chris S. Wright

    President, Chief Executive Officer

  • Michael Plausse

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Mike Landi

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Denise MacKinnon

    Vice President, Financial Services

  • Robert Burke

    Vice President, Psychosocial Services (and Regulatory Compliance, Interim)

  • Dereck Singh

    Vice President, Business Planning

  • Matthew Kerzner

    Vice President, Human Resources

  • David Skoczulek

    Vice President, Business Development

  • Kate Sloan

    Director, Strategic and Clinical Partnerships

  • Lilla Carter

    Director, Case Management

  • Christina Gorgone

    Director, Accounts Receivable

  • J. Martin Acevedo

    Corporate Counsel

  • Sarah Landi

    Director of Education

  • Laura Jones

    Regional Clinical Director

  • Deb Cate

    Director of Payroll

  • Billy Boyce

    Director, Care Transitions