About iCare Management

iCare began business operations on January 1, 2001 in Hartford, CT. The company provides management oversight and consulting services to skilled nursing facilities and other health care providers.

The iCare-managed facilities provide a range of services including medical, subacute rehabilitation, behavioral health management and dementia care. iCare manages nine sites in Connecticut.

Our Mission
The company promotes Continuous Quality Improvement in all of its facilities through management programs which emphasize an increase of quality care; customer satisfaction; employee empowerment; and teamwork.

iCare is committed to recruiting, training and developing the skills of the individuals who make up its team of health care professionals and to provide them with a working environment which enables them to succeed and grow according to their professional career goals. iCare is committed to improving the overall operating performance of its managed facilities.

Core Values

Our pursuit of lifelong EDUCATION will provide us the opportunity to learn the best ways to care for our residents.


By focusing our care delivery on NURTURANCE, we will become the best caregivers for our residents.


The highest level of individual RESPECT should be provided to our residents, and to each other.


By using INNOVATION to reach our service delivery goals, our customers will have greater benefit.


A mutually shared COMMITMENT to our mission, between ourselves and the customers we serve, will result in our becoming the best at serving those customers.


The physical, emotional and spiritual HEALTH of our residents and patients is our ultimate goal.

Executive Management Team
Chris S. Wright President, Chief Executive Officer
Michael Plausse Chief Financial Officer
Mike Landi Chief Operating Officer
Kate Sloan Senior Vice President, Clinical Programs
Robert Burke Vice President, Psychosocial Services
Matthew Kerzner Vice President, Human Resources
Denise MacKinnon Vice President, Financial Services
Dereck Singh Vice President, Business Planning
Teresa Skinner Vice President, Clinical Services
Anne Neary Vice President, Patient & Community Relations
Lilla Carter Director, Case Management
Christina Gorgone Director, Accounts Receivable